Application Due Date: April 25th. 2020

The Canadian Iranian Foundation Scholarship is intended to assist immigrant students who wish to pursue their academic goals. The C.I.F Scholarship will be awarded to the student who can best demonstrate academic excellence, the ability to integrate and participate within the community through volunteer and extra-curricular activities, and the need for assistance to pursue a higher education.

The C.I.F selection committee will take into account the interview and all supporting documents in order to select the scholarship recipient. The C.I.F scholarship committee has the final say as to which of the candidates best fulfills these requirements. The scholarship recipient will be announced to the public at the public media.

anadian Iranian Foundation is the administrator of the C.I.F Annual Scholarship.
2. Applicant must have legal immigrant’s status (Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residency of Canada) and reside in Canada.
3. Applicant must not be a past recipient of the C.I.F. Scholarship.
4. Applicant should assist the organization in their mission.
5. Applicant must pay an application fee of $100 in money order or check in order of C.I.F. before the interview..
6. Applicant must be accepted into (have a conditional offer) or already enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution for a full degree program.
7. Applicant must provide “Proof of Enrollment” letter (only applicable to university students) or a copy of their conditional offer from a Canadian post-secondary institution (only applicable to Grade 12 students).
8. Applicants with financial needs are considered in priority if they are able to provide evidence for the selection committee.
9. Applicant must provide their families most recent Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency.
10. Applicant must be well-rounded and demonstrate a good standing in art, leadership, humanitarian work, sports and academics.
11. Applicant must have shown a great effort in trying to integrate into Canadian society, by volunteering at least 30 hours of community services.
12. Applicants must volunteer at least 20 hours at C.I.F. events.
13. Applicants must complete the 10 required hours prior to applying for the C.I.F. and 10 hours after receiving their award or application will not be considered.
14. One letter of reference supporting extra-curricular and volunteering activities in a sealed envelope
15. One letter of reference supporting academics in a sealed envelope.
16. A sealed copy of the official transcript of applicant’s most recent academic year.
17. Applicant must provide a 300 words essay about “what sets you apart from other applicants?”
18. Applicants must mail the requirements to C.I.F’s mailing address, P.O. Box 91231. West Vancouver, BC, Canada V7V 3N6
19. Incomplete applications and applications received after April 26th will not be considered.
20. By submitting the application, the qualified applicants will be asked to take part in an interview scheduled either on May 10th. 2020.
21. Applicant must be present at the Scholarship Recipient Award Ceremony to receive their scholarship cheques on August 16th, 2020. Applicants unavailable will not be receiving any awards.
22. The recipient will be notified by email for the exact scheduled interview.
23. Scholarship recipients must assist CIF in preparation for the Canada Day Parade and representing the Iranian culture at the Parade on July 1st.
24. Scholarship recipients’ full names and photos will be announced in selected newspaper, TV, C.I.F’s website, social gatherings and C.I.F’s annual general meeting in May.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Although the name of the scholarship recipients will be announced prior to the start of the academic year, the recipient must maintain high academic standing and continue to demonstrate active participation in the community in order to receive the scholarship. Failure to fulfill these requirements may result in the scholarship being retracted and awarded to another candidate.
2. C.I.F. reserved the right to request repayment, if the scholar terminates studies prematurely before the end of the school term.
3. C.I.F. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the C. I.F scholarship, in whole or in part, at any time, including the right not to decide to award the scholarship in any particular year.

4.This scholarship does not apply to the international students.

– One sealed academic reference letter and one sealed community service reference letter
– A sealed official transcript of your most recent academic year
– A copy of your “Proof of Enrollment” letter (only applicable to university students) or a Copy of your conditional offer from a Canadian post-secondary institution (only applicable to Grade 12 students)
– A 300 words essay on “what sets you apart from other applicants?”
– Notice of assessment from Canada Revenue Agency (only applicable to students with financial needs)
– Completed scholarship form

All forms and letters should be signed and sealed.

 Further information enlisting eligibility rules, requirements and so forth are available through the application form which is in PDF format. Please download the file by clicking on the link below and mail in the printed filled in the form.



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