More than 400 wildfires are burning in Canada,
many people have been displaced
and many others have lost their livelihood.
Help us raise funds for them and assist them by clicking on the link below:

Medical supply for Iran

Canadian Iranian Foundation is raising fund to purchase medical supply for Iran. The raised fund will be send via a legitimate organization to Iran. Please click on the link below, donate and receive your  tax receipt right away.

بنیاد کانادا و ایران مشغول جمع آوری مبلغی برای هموطنانمان در ایران میباشد . مبلغ جمع آوری شده صرف تهیه دارو و لوازم پزشکی برای هموطنان خواهد شد. لطفا بروی لینک زیز کلیک کرده و مبلغ مورد نظر خود را هدیه کنید. رسید مالیلتی شما هم انا فرستاده خواهد شد.

Lytton Wild Fire

بنیاد کانادا و ایران همیشه و همه وقت به یاری سانحه زدگان در صف اول بوده و با جمع اوری مبالغی به صدمه دیدگان یاری رسانده. اکنون نیز درخواست  کمک از شما هموطنان دارد تا به یاری هموطنان کانادایی خود  که تمام هستی خود را در اتشسوزی از دست داده اند بشتابد و انها را یاری دهد. شما با هدیه 10 دلار میتوانید ما را یاری دهید تا بتوانیم مبلغ قابل توجهی جمع اوری کرده و به  صدمه خوردگان تقدیم کنیم. برای هدیه کردن 10 دلار لطفا بروی لینک زیر کلیک کرده و رسید مالیاتی خود را دریافت نمایید.بنیاد کانادا و ایران از همیاری و همکاری شما سپاسگزار است.

The wild fires in Lytton, BC, decimated the entire town. Businesses and homes burned to the ground in minutes and many people have lost their livelihoods and their homes. We would like to help them rebuild and offer a little relief during this tragic time for the residents. Canadian Iranian Foundation is raising funds to assist with the rebuilding efforts. We are currently accepting donations and any amount will help. It is time for us to reach out and help our fellow Canadians. Please give any amount you can, large or small.

Canadian Iranian Foundation wishes everyone a happy New Year and hopes for the better start in the year 2021. Regretfully due to the COVID-19 the Financial needs in the community has increased .C.I.F. feels obliged to take care of the fellow Iranian and Canadian in any way they can. C.I.F is appreciative of all their friends and supporters who have contributed to different cause in 2020 and received their tax receipts. Once again we extend our hands to you and ask you to Please donate $10 or more to the Canadian Iranian Foundation by one of the methods explained below. All the fund raised will be utilized for the community needs, so please support your community and give generously. We thank you in advance for your patronage

Donations can be made in three ways:

1-on line and receive your tax receipt right away.

2-Direct transfer to pass word CIF

3-Checkscan be send to the Canadian Iranian Foundation Address: PO Box 91231, West Vancouver, BC. V7V 1B5

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