Canadian Iranian Foundation is a charitable organization with the aim of facilitating the social and cultural integration of newly arrived immigrants to Canada.

The purpose of the Canadian Iranian Foundation is to promote and encourage activities which promote human welfare and social reform as well as promotion and encouragement of learning and education.

It is also an aim of this Foundation to establish a center in North Vancouver, British Columbia, to educate and advise newly arrived immigrants about education, charitable work and becoming involved in the process for social reform in Canada.

To accomplish the goals mentioned the Foundation plans to succeed through several means including prints, published materials, distribution, and selling of books and other printed resources. The Foundation is also able to receive donations, gifts, bequests or devices of money or other properties. In addition having the objective to purchase, receive, or otherwise acquire, hold, use administer, sell or dispose of real and personal property and rights and privileges of every nature and kind whatsoever; and as a result, dispensing aid for humanitarian purposes.

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